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Dated: 11/12/2019

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Please join us in welcoming Paige Burton-Quattlebaum to our team!

How do we decide, when to grow our team?  At The Clever People, everything is about character and chemistry.  Our mission is to work every day to develop a community of buyers and sellers, who are empowered with knowledge to trust that their biggest investment is protected.  That's a big task, and it takes someone, who cares about others and cares about their professional growth to ensure that mission is carried out.

With character being the most important thing to us, we became very excited the more we got to know Paige!  She has been married to Michael for 7 years.  They met at Clemson and maintained a friendship over the years.  They married and combined their households - a blended family with 5 children!  Paige loves, respects and understands the complexity of family, which makes her especially in tune with the needs of her clients.  With five children, she knows how to problem solve and multi-task!

Graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Marketing, she started her career in a customer service position at Michelin.  Her education and earliest professional experience started her preparation for her future career in real estate.  She worked several different roles and eventually became the Director of Marketing for the Ty Cobb Healthcare System in Royston, GA.  That was her final stop before she stepped into real estate.  Her hope was to find a career that would give her flexibility to be present for her family but still utilitize her extensive expereince in marketing.  Having bought and sold multiple homes, Paige already had an idea for the kind of service she wanted to provide her clients.  A bad experience left a strong mark on her memory.  Paige remembered a time she listed her home and waited in desperation while it sat on the market for quite some time.  Whenever she attempted to call the agent, her voicemail was always full.  She recalls how frustrated she was and compared that memory to experiences with agents, who were personable and very responsive.  That memory has shaped the way she prioritizes and responds to her clients!

A question we love to ask our agents is, "how would your children describe you?"  That's a question that would probably make anyone sweat bullets!  Our kids won't lie to us, making their words a magnifying glass of our hearts and character.   Paige's children described her as "driven, unselfish, high achieving, hard working, caring, smart and expecting the best."  Without coincidence, that is how we would describe the other members of our team, which told us Paige would have perfect chemistry with us!

Working with buyers and sellers, Paige keeps a busy schedule, but she still takes time for her family and relaxation.  You'll catch her reading a good book, on the hunt for great crab legs, at Pomegranate on Main with her hubby or planning a trip to the beach!

Stop by our office and say, "Hi!" to Paige.

Paige currently has availabilty for 3 new buyer clients as well the ability to serve 4 new seller clients.

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Press Release | New Agent

Please join us in welcoming Paige Burton-Quattlebaum to our team!How do we decide, when to grow our team?  At The Clever People, everything is about character and chemistry.  Our mission

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