Things to Know Before Buying a Home in South Carolina!

Dated: January 8 2020

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You're planning the move, and it's a big decision.  Maybe work is bringing you to South Carolina.  Maybe it's the low property taxes.  Maybe it's the sweet tea.  Whatever it is you're THINKING, we want to tell you the TRUTH!

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  1. Welcome to 4 seasons (with an emphasis on the warmer ones):  best thing about South Carolina is that we get to enjoy all of the seasons.  Fall is crisp and beautiful (the Blue Ridge mountains are among the sweetest views in the Upstate)!  Winter days hover around 45-50 degrees.  If we have snow, it's just a magical dusting.  Spring is bright and beautiful.  Summer is toasty (and admittedly humid), but we have tons of Lakes in the Upstate (Lake Hartwell is actually the largest recreation lake in the Southeast).
  2. Our Education system is excellent.  People across the United States have rumored that South Carolina has an inferior education system due to our scores, however, our state believes that every student should have equal opportunties so instead of only allowing the "top students" to take and certain tests, we allow all students to participate and report all of those scores.  Additionally, our standard of measurement for proficiency is higher than many states so while we may report that fewer students are proficient, we may have a higher, more challenging standard for our students than those in other states.
  3. HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATIONS are not scary in SC!  Many states have been haunted by high HOA dues in communities where the HOA board strictly governs homeowners.  While we do have a few communities with higher fees and heartier restrictions, the vast number of communities have very affordable annual dues and covenants that are focused on maintaining the aesthetics and peaceful living of all homeowners.
  4. Our property taxes are NOT a mistake!  Our affordable property taxes often leave our out-of-staters, thinking they've misread!  It's not a typo - our property taxes really are that low.
  5. Our savory dishes are delicious!  Don't worry - we have awesome produce stands and know how to eat a lean protein diet, but we also know that deep frying a vegetable and adding butter and mayo to just about any dish gives it a level of decadance that will make angels sing (or's a coin toss).
  6. Hey, Ya'llllll, it's a little slower in these parts.  Thanks to our geography and way of living, we enjoy life with less stress than you might experience in a bigger city.  We aren't racing to a subway station or adjusting our days to fight through traffic.  Instead, we are hopping into our cars, turning on our favorite tune and arriving at our destination in a matter of minutes.

Thinking of making a big move?  We are specially certified to be able to help people relocate and assimilate into their new communities.  From choosing a school system to a gym to a hairstylist to finding the restaurants "all the locals go to," we can help you with it all!

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